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Friends for Fitness

Are you one of the many people who finds themselves struggling with fitness and nutritional life style changes? Are you constantly hating your diets and failing at them? Is working out more like a laborious task, rather than something energizing and fun?

Then "Friends for Fitness" my 40 day challenge is just for you!

This challenge consists of 40 days of supportive affirmations that will help lead you to uncovering deeply rooted thoughts and beliefs that we have about physical and nutritional wellness, and many more! Everyday a new affirmation is posted to help keep you along the lines of progression. All the while, you'll be receiving personal coaching from myself and the support and motivation from the group. Having a group of friends holding us accountable for our personal goals is extremely powerful!

Not only do you receive daily support and motivation to help you along your way, but you'll also receive a free Clarity Session ($50 value) from me in order to help you get distinct on your fitness and nutritional goals.

* Stretch & Flex Yoga Class with Brandi Mills ($15 Value)

* Meditation for Beginners Class with Chase Hyson (Free)

* 60 Minute Massage ($60 Value)

The Facebook group coaching allows for everyone to be quickly notified when other members are posting and sharing their personal experiences along this 40 day journey. I encourage everyone to share their personal exercise plans and even dietary success stories in order to help support and motivate our fellow group members who may not be as aware.

You get all of this for 40 days, for only $65!!! (value of $125)

If you're interested in learning more about my personal "Friends for Fitness" Facebook group coaching, please feel free to email me at to answer any questions or click the photo below to book your spot!

Chase Hyson, LMT

Friends for Fitness

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