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Kapha Season

Pacifying Kapha Dosha

Qualities of Kapha

Kapha Season begins in late Winter when the ground starts to get cold and freeze solid, and goes through Spring when the ground begins to become muddy and flowers push themselves up out of the ground. Kapha is heavy, dense, wet, inertia, stable, cool, building (think bones growing). Kapha Dosha tends to live in the head, stomach, chest, sinuses, & joints. More mucus conditions in the Lungs and Sinuses tends to happen around this time of year. These qualities are very Winter and early Spring. Ever feel heavy and lethargic during this time of year and then you start getting that spring time thaw and want to get out and about but the pollen and allergies kick in? Yeah? same...

Pacifying Kapha Dosha

Here are some tricks to help you bring balance back into your Kapha nature:

  • Eat more foods that are lighter, dry, pungent, bitter, astringent, and warming (Think Dandelion greens!)

  • Warm teas like Roasted Dandelion Root, Ginger, Cinnamon...etc

  • Get up before the Sun Rises and MOVE! yes get some warming exercise in

  • Hot Yoga or even some fast paced Sun Salutations

  • Local Honey - to help with those seasonal allergies

  • Avoid the tastes (Sweet, Sour, & Salty)

  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise... especially during Kapha Time of day (6-10 a.m & p.m)

  • Add some spontaneity in your daily activities.

  • Avoid cold foods and drinks, Ice cream and dairy, and anything heavy

***As a rule of thumb, Ayurveda and my Teacher Dr. Heather George, would say "For whom, and when" This means that one shoe doesn't fit everyone so this is always going to be a "For me me tomorrow yes" kinda thing****

Kapha & Spring

You can look outside and see how nature is supporting you. Dandelions and early spring greens are great for banking the fire of our digestion, so that we can burn off that excess Kapha weight from the Winter. The days are longer and we're getting more sun, so that we can get outside and start walking and running. Now is the time to really sweat! In Ayurveda sweat is the by-product of our fat cells, which also store toxins in the body.

My teacher, Traci Webb explained to me that Kapha time of the year is like the frozen mountain peaks starting to warm and let go of all that water, that now streams down the mountain bringing that lush green of Spring. Our bodies held on to a lot of things during the winter months and now is the time to let them go. We focus on aiding and warming our digestive fire (Agni) so that we can burn away that toxic sludge as well as warming up our bodies so that we can sweat out the rest of those toxins. Think of how Spring is cold, wet, and kinda muddy...

Now is the time to not only detox but to build things; Manifest! Seeds are sprouting, animals are awakening from hibernation, birds are building their nests...etc. Go start a new project, build a garden, go play!!

If you'd like to know more about Kapha Season or what your personal nature is so that you can learn more about YOU, then feel free to book an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Session with me today!


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