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Vata Season

Qualities of Vata

Vata Season begins around mid-September when the days and nights start to become equal in length. The colder nights and the chilly winds start, the leaves begin to change and let go. We celebrate the harvest during this time, as we create more space for the new seeds to be planted. Vata is “that which moves and contains”. Vata is composed of the elements Space & Air. Vata Dosha lives in all the spaces of the body and is responsible for the movement of our blood, lymph, thoughts, muscles…etc. Vata is also known as the “Container” or “Vehicle”. The other elements can’t move without Vata. The qualities of Vata are cold, dry, light, subtle, mobile, erratic, quick, rough, and clear. During Vata Season, you may notice yourself experiencing more creativity (especially with all the colors of fall), more activity since the weather is not as sharp and hot like in Summer. You may even experience more anxiety and grief (SAD), this is due to the space element in Vata. More space leaves room for anxious thoughts and while grief is more the feeling of space from letting go or having experienced loss, even if that loss is of summer and the long time sun. Vata primarily is housed in the Large Intestines of the body. People with Vata Dosha my experience dryness or constipation or quite the opposite due to the extreme quality of Vata. In Chinese medicine the Fall Season is ruled by the Lungs and Large intestine. LET IT FLOW & LET IT GO!!!

Pacifying Vata Dosha

Here are some suggestions to help bring balance back into your Vata Dosha.

• Eat warm, dense, wet foods (Hearty Soups, Cooked Veggis…etc)

• Avoid letting the wind hit your head, neck, ears…

•Wear a jacket, cover your head and ears, wear a scarf

• Practice daily warm oil massage

• Warm salt baths with grounding scents

• Eat spiced apples with oats for breakfast (cooked)

• Eat what is in season (Pumpkin, squash, apples…etc)

• Pranayama can help bring balance back to the mind

• Create a daily routine and stick to it!!!

• Chai season! Warm up with spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice)

• Make small adjustments that way you don’t overwhelm

• Treat yourself like a flower (What do I need?)

• Less is more!

• Vata is subtle so be still, practice silence meditation. LISTEN!